Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ich liebe dich

Hello blogging world - I went to Europe! It was fantastic. I learned SOOOOOOOOOO much. There's no way I'm going to blog about it all though, but here are some pictures:
Here is Rebi and I in Lucerne :)

Here I am with Ben, Rebi, and Tyler in Bern. Bern is the capitol of Switzerland, not Zurich.

Here's me and Rebi on top of Rigi mountain - it's like a dream land that is so beautiful...it's insanse. Those are the Alps in the background.
Here we are in Paris! The tower didn't come out too well in the Polariod, but you get the picture. Paris was so fun - I am definitely going back.

My trip was so fun. And so tiring. Not gonna lie - I'm glad to be home. But it won't be my last time in Europe. I'm so grateful for Rebekka and everything she did for me! Translating, feeding, planning, doing my laundry. I couldn't have asked for a better friend/tourguide :)
We ended up seeing Northern Italy - Milano, France - Paris, all over Switzerland, and Southern Germany- Kaiserslautern (where my Uncle Mark lives). We did SO much! And we didn't even get to do all that we wanted, even in a whole month! It was so fun.