Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This week is going to be a little bit crazy. Finals and all. But after it's over - in almost exactly a week from now - I am going to start on the projects I've been wanting to do for a long time:

-finish sewing some laptop cases for dear ones

-finish my quilt

-make some flower poufs

-finish Dracula

-finish Gilmore Girls season 2 (weird how I'm just barely jumping on this bandwagon)

It's gonna be a great Christmas break. Next semester will be my last!! Woo hoO!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My theme song

Go ahead - turn it up

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best friend Julie

My very best friend is Julie. Her nickname is Jewels - or also Hoolietta. I love her to pieces. She is so good. She's a great mom. She's a college grad. I really love her a lot. I miss her now that she moved to back to Fresno. I'm also really sad because Julie lost her mom last week, it all happened so fast. I love Julie and her family, and I've spent a lot of time thinking, praying, and crying for them. I hate being far away. I wish I could be there with Julie to help her and give her a hug.
Shelly Catton was my favorite mom. She was always happy, she was always so nice, and I remember her voice - she was always happy to see me "Hey Brittney!"Julie's mom always let us make anything we wanted in the kitchen - especially CCC's! (Chocolate Chip Cookies) The Cattons were the first family to introduce me to the wonderful world of Nutella. She put up with us doing weird Brittney/Julie stuff like making up dancing into wee hours of the morning. I always felt at home with them.

I enjoyed being around her. She was definitely a great example of Christ. She raised 3 awesome kids, and she won't be forgotten. I'm sad that she left, but I'm happy that she lived a great life and that she is in a better place free from pain.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall is here

A pretty view out my front door - but soooo cold.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new study

Today I discovered that "studying" in the library can be just as unproductive as "studying" at home.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I think I killed somebody

Today at work a patient was on her way about to pass away. Her daughter asked us to give her a bath and wash her hair, and so we did. But right before we were almost done, she stopped breathing. And then she started gurgling yellow goo out of her mouth. Her husband was right outside the room. I kinda freaked out - I just wanted to get out of there. I just looked at her and I felt it - the death vibe. Have you ever felt it? It's cold, and unfamiliar. I tried to close her eyes, since they were wide open - staring into space. But then her eyes popped back open and she started breathing - just shallow death breaths. She passed away a few minutes later.

A few hours later, I'm sitting in my nutrition class, taking notes and listening about the use of Vitamin K - and I think "I saw someone die today." And all of a sudden everything seemed so insignificant and weird.

This wasn't the first person I've seen die. But it was so sudden, it just caught me off guard. I've always heard stories of things like that happening (death by bed bath), but it's never happened to me!

Anyways, I'm glad that she's home in a better place, free from pain and illness. Her family is sad, but they'll see her again. And I'm glad I got to wash her hair for her before she left. Maybe someday she'll thank me?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trouble Sleeping?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Just come to class with me some day....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Kate Blocher (one of my dearest old roommates) inspired me this week. Thanks Kate.

I just bought a new laptop, and I love taking it on campus, but it gets scratched in my backpack, and ya know - I paid a lotta money for it, so I started looking around for a case. The bookstore had some manly ones for like 40 bucks, and Etsy had some really really cute ones. But every time I see something on Etsy I just think...why am I buying something that I really could just make myself? Laziness, really. So I was about to buy one until I read Kate's blog (she is a master seamstress lady), and she sewed her own baby holder thingy - for goodness sakes!! So I thought, if she could do that, then I can definitely sew a dumb little case. Turns out I didn't even really need too many supplies, and voila! A laptop case :)


I made two. But there are more to come. Want one?? :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Margaret Sanger

Have you ever heard of Margaret Sanger? Me neither until a few weeks ago. She is one crazy lady. She basically is responsible for the discovery and legalization of contraceptives and birth control. Her first endeavor was just basic contraceptives like the female condom/diaphragm. She went to jail over 8 times for distributing contraceptives and even just talking about them in public. My favorite quote from her is(talking about the laws prohibiting birth controls):
"I bumped up against this very, very arrogant, old fashioned, stupid law,
which had to be changed, but it was going to take a long
time to change it. And I decided the best way to
change it was to break it."

Aw yeah! You go girl! Haha...but really - she is one of my heros. Not just for what she did - which was to make birth control possible and bring forth the single most important factor for women's liberation and equality in the world - but for her attitude and her determination to do what she believed. Even when it seemed like the whole world was against her, and especially when her church was saying that she was going to burn in hell for her actions, she didn't give up. She's an inspiration to me, and I love her feisty attitude.

Here's a video I found of an awesome interview with her. It's 30 minutes long, but it's worth watching:

P.S. The ridiculous Phillip Morris ads in this interview could be a whole other blog post, thanks to my excellent substance abuse class

I need to go back to Switzerland. Right now.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ok so I've always loved this song:

I mean, The Sound of Music is my favorite movie. I love listening to this song in the mornings and just all other times of the day. But especially in the mornings when I have a lot to do in the day.

Today I realized how truly remarkable this song is. It's so great. Certain lyrics were in my head today:
The courage to serve them with reliance,
face my mistakes without defiance.
Show them I'm worthy,
and while I show them, I'll show me!
I really like that - because you know, sometimes I try hard to impress other people, but at the same time I impress myself! And other reasons, but I won't elaborate.

Ok also I love singing "What will this day be like....I wonder..?" in the beginning of the day, and then singing it again at the end of the day when I'm walking home.

This song also reminds me of my first big trip to Europe. I was so nervous!! But I thought about this song alot...
It could be so exciting, to be out in the world, to be free!
My heart should be wildly rejoicing, oh, what's the matter with me?
I've always longed for adventure! To do the things, I never dared
Now here I'm facing adventure, then why am I so scared?

I thought of that line too when I was rapelling down a really big scary slippery waterfall. I wanted to be like - "Haha, just kidding...I don't need to do this." But I couldn't because the whole thing was my idea. So I just sang my song.
Oh I must stop these doubts, all these worries
If I don't I just know I'll turn back, I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack.
The best way to get that courage is to pray, I've found.

With each step I am more certain, everything will turn out fine,
I have confidence the world will all be mine,
They'll have to agree I have confidence in me.

Basically, you need to just have confidence in yourself, and then everything else will fall into place. People are just people, you know? Why be scared, just face your fears with confidence in yourself that you will be great, and you will be. It's all about faith - have faith in yourself and that Heavenly Father will help you. Everything will turn out fine.

Anyways - I can go on and on about this marvelous song. Listen to it twice please. And then whistle it all day. It'll do ye good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Over It

I'm kinda sick of stuff like this: .

Ya know? I mean, it's really cute and stuff,'s just so much. I feel everyone is doing too much when I see stuff like that - weddings and parties, and the pictures and the excess - I feel like I've eaten too much candy. Too much frosting on the cupcake.

Just keep it simple, in my opinion.

PS - I just don't really like the pictures where they cut off half your face...and no one ever smiles anymore! It's your wedding! Be happy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ich liebe dich

Hello blogging world - I went to Europe! It was fantastic. I learned SOOOOOOOOOO much. There's no way I'm going to blog about it all though, but here are some pictures:
Here is Rebi and I in Lucerne :)

Here I am with Ben, Rebi, and Tyler in Bern. Bern is the capitol of Switzerland, not Zurich.

Here's me and Rebi on top of Rigi mountain - it's like a dream land that is so's insanse. Those are the Alps in the background.
Here we are in Paris! The tower didn't come out too well in the Polariod, but you get the picture. Paris was so fun - I am definitely going back.

My trip was so fun. And so tiring. Not gonna lie - I'm glad to be home. But it won't be my last time in Europe. I'm so grateful for Rebekka and everything she did for me! Translating, feeding, planning, doing my laundry. I couldn't have asked for a better friend/tourguide :)
We ended up seeing Northern Italy - Milano, France - Paris, all over Switzerland, and Southern Germany- Kaiserslautern (where my Uncle Mark lives). We did SO much! And we didn't even get to do all that we wanted, even in a whole month! It was so fun.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is my best friend Kellie. I love her because she always makes me look tan in pictures :)

Also I love her because she is exactly like me, and it's refreshing...hahaha

Kellie has a missionary, but she always wants to make-out with boys, just like me! We pretty much like the same music, and she appreciates good art, since she's gonna be an art teacher. She is hilarious, and I always laugh when I'm with her. Guess how we met? I was her visiting teacher! So random. Ok welp - Kellie I love ya!

Healing Connections

I've been trying to connect better with my patients, and I don't know what to think. People that are in the hospital aren't usually happy, they're sick, they're missing jobs, family, responsibilities, they don't usually understand medical processes, and they're one of many patients with needs. So it's my job to make their hospital stay a little bit better. Not just because it makes them give us a good rating on the survey, but because it's the right thing, right?

I've heard the most amazing and tragic stories while talking to my patients. Sometimes it's hard though! Because most of the time I just end up crying, like the last two patients I've had. One was a mom who just had a baby 3 weeks earlier, but because of her poorly done C-section, got a blood clot that resulted in a pulmonary embolism. Doctors in Price thought for sure that she was just going to die, so they wouldn't life flight her to Provo, and when she got to Provo she actually did code, so they resuscitated her. She's doing really well now.

Another night I helped a lady with cancer take a shower. I was combing her hair for her and she mentioned that she was going to just "Cut it all off" since it was going to fall out anyway with all the chemo she was going to get. That really hit me! Like, wow. Sometimes I forget that I work on the oncology floor. Everyday I meet people who have cancer. And they're people with families and stories. I love learning about people and meeting them and getting to know my patients, especially the ones who are on our floor for a long time. But sometimes it's exhausting! Emotionally it's hard to see your friends dying or sick all the time.

But I guess that's a part of what you sign up for when you work in healthcare. Even though it's hard sometimes, I happy to know that hopefully I'm making a difference in someone's life.

I love a good hipster joke

I do.

Anyways - what's going on in my life?? Oh...only that I'm leaving for Switzerland in 3 WEEKS! Yes, I am excited. Haha, it's funny when people ask me that - "You're going to Europe? Are you excited?" Um..yes....yes I am.

I am excited to see my best best friend in the whole world, Rebekka:

Also I'm excited to go visit my family in Germany. I haven't seen them in forever.

Sometimes I think to myself, and I have a lot of thoughts. Lately I've been having a lot of good revelations. I think that when you are doing the right things and have the Spirit with you, then you get good revelations. Yep.

I've been working A LOT this month and saving every penny to spend there, hopefully I'll have enough, because me+Rebekka+shopping= no money left...hahaha

The Tallest Man On Earth

Last night I had to go to a concert by myself, but it was SOO worth it. I saw the Tallest Man On Earth, and I can't put up a video because I don't have my cord, but you can watch this one:

So good...except I was in the back and couldn't see too well - a girl behind me said "I can't even see! I thought he was supposed to be the tallest man on earth??" hahaha.....good times

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finals Day

I'm supposed to be learning about Causal Inference right horrible does that sound??

All I really want to do is watch Modern Family and all the LOST episodes I've missed in the past few weeks. But just one more day! And then I will officially have nothing to do (yeah right...)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

“The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.”
-Oscar Wilde

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disneyland Adventure

Last weekend we went to Long Beach for Taylor's birthday. It was way fun going to the beach and going to Disneyland - I haven't been in so long! Also being able to see our {favorite} cousins - the Fortners!

One minor set-back, however. We couldn't get on any flights back to Salt Lake, so Taylor, Aunt Debra, and I were all ABANDONED in Long Beach by my mom who took the jump seat (since she's a crew member of JetBlue). So we were left to fend for ourselves and find our own way home!

But, luckily - our motto was "We gotta sense of humor, drinks, and a credit card - let's go!" . We ended up calling some cousins in LA and got driven around like homeless people and stole a car to drive home. It was a success!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scenic View

Thanks a lot Jorge for totally blocking my face
I slept on this rock for like a good hour.

I love spontaneity. I love adventures. I love being outside.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yesterday my little brother Russell got ordained a Priest. It was amazing, so good. I cried a lot. For those of you who don't know, this was pretty much a miracle, since for the past few years Russell has had a lot of challenges with drugs. But wow, look at him now, he's doing so well. I'm so happy for him, and I'm so proud of him. I love him so much. :)
I was so proud of him, I even let him drive my car on the freeway - shhh...don't tell my mom :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

so stinkin cute


It's only sometimes that I hate being single - most of the time I really like it actually. And Kellie - I can't wait till we're real friends! haha

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sometimes i hate being single

It seems like I'm surrounded by douche bags.

Is it too much to ask for a good normal guy...?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Can Do Hard Things

Recently I have had to deal with the "loss" of one of my best friends. They didn't die, but I couldn't be friends anymore with this person because of their choices and how it was affecting me. Even though I don't see or talk to that person, I still think about it all the time. Recently I have been pondering and gained some powerful testimony builders.

The main thing, is that you have to live your testimony. You can't say you have a testimony and you know what's right, and then do wrong. To be a true disciple of Christ means that you try your best, repent, and keep trying your very best. In the words of Sherri Dew "...a casual knowledge of the gospel isn't enough, you have to immerse yourself". You're either all in, or you're not in at all.

I know that the Atonement brings peace to everyone who uses it. We are loved. :)

Can someone please buy me this picture? It's only $300...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok - can I just tell you my day yesterday?! So you can understand how hard my life is (haha jk I have like the best/easiest life ever):

Ok Sunday morn - woke up at 9 to meet with the Bishop, had church at 1, went to work at 6pm

Sunday night - someone called in "sick" (she has the flu?! gosh...haha jk love ya talya!) So I started out with 8 patients, by 6am I had 11 - why do people keep getting bowel obstructions?! And a pneumothorax?? You wimp...your lung collapsed, so what?

Monday morning - came home and finished my HW that I didn't do because I'm retarded. Then I met with my group at 10am, then drove to American Fork to renew my CPR...guh. Then I came back to school to do my presentation at 2, then class, then wrote 2 papers.

The rest of the day was amazing - James picked me up and we went to our favorite very healthy all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta buffet :) We talked about lots of good things - as usual - because we're like really spiritual and deep...haha. Then I came home and went straight to bed. At 7:30. It was amazing. When I woke up there was like 3 inches of snow - I guess it snowed last night!

Ok - so also I just want to say that I love my job so much. It's hard sometimes to never sleep, but I love getting paid to serve people, it's the best ever.

Be happy :)