Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Epic Saturday

Today was an awesome day!

Slept in till 10. Jordan came over. We biked to The Flower Shop . Bought Tom's Shoes!! I stole like 10 GB of Jordan's music. We ate at the Fortune Cookie Chinese Buffet. Jordan left his wallet there, but the nice man saved it for him, and the Chinese waitress hit on Jordan...haha. Then I watched the game with Vann and Chad - we won! Then James and I went country dancing - so good.

The only thing...Jordan and I got matching shoes...ugh! What's up with that?? I told him I wanted those first, and then he bought them...wow. Oh well - I love them!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole is a professor in my major. I took Infectious diseases and environmental health from him. He's an awesome professor and he has a LOT of experience. Two things I love about Dr. Cole:

1. Everything to him is "a seething pit of disease..." haha

2. His voice...puts me to sleep everytime...maybe not such a good thing - but nevertheless...

Today I was thinking about everything Dr. Cole has taught me, since I'm babysitting a lot now, and I really don't think that he would approve of Cade (2yrs old) constantly playing in Max's (the dog) green water bucket...But sometimes there's nothing I can do...he sneaks outside and dunks his arms, toys, and head right into the moldy dog water.

I was also thinking - does Dr. Cole believe in the 10 second rule...? I doubt it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Set it Straight

Jordan Quinn, aka Jorge, is my good friend. We spend a lot of time together, and people assume things...naturally. But let me just tell everyone - we're NOT dating. Nope, and don't plan on it - ever.


Friday, September 18, 2009

I've done a bad thing...

Since I have no money, I've banned myself from all shopping, since I'm a shopaholic, thanks to Rebekka....and my mother.

But today I went on Etsy, because my old roomie Kate has her very own Esty shop!

She's amazing, I can't believe we're friends....she's like really legit. Buy stuff from her!!

Love you Kate :)


Ok so we got our "ward menu" aka ward directory via e-mail and look at my picture!!!!!

It's just really funny to me...I mean, look at my HAIR! Just blowing...in the wind...hahaha. Not gonna lie though, it's not too shabby...haha

I love the Logan temple

Hey hey hey....

I feel like TAMNers....I haven't blogged "...in like, forever!"

School has started, I'm taking 18 credits. Yep. We'll see how it goes.

I gotta job, I'm a babysitter twice a week. I guess you could call me a nanny. I love it, it's so fun.

I literally have no money, so I'm trying a new diet, it's called- never buy food and see how long you can survive, and if you don't eat, then you'll lose weight. It's pretty awsome.
Jordan and I saw Joshua James last week, amazing. We also went to Logan to see our BFFs, that was so fun. This weekend I'm doing HW.

Love you all