Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is Here!

Everyone who lives in Provo usually goes home or somewhere else for the summer. It's so sad because they leave right when Provo becomes beautiful! Seriously - no more snow, green everything, and blossoms! But it's nice that I am the 1/3 of the students that actually stay here and reap the benefits of gorgeous-ness and shorter lines at Smiths. :)
Here are some pictures I took yesterday. So pretty:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogging is More Fun than Studying

Ok - I have 3 more finals to take. Then I'm done with Winter semester. But don't worry - school starts again on Tuesday! Yipee.
Spring is finally here - which makes it very hard to study, but very easy to be happier than ever!
I have so many amazing friends - I love them all so much. Most of them are leaving me - moving on with their lives. Some are coming back though!
Today I learned that you need to be nice to everyone, because you never know what the future will bring.

Rebekka is leaving me to return to Swtizerland...but we will be reunited soon.

Ian is not really leaving - just moving out of the ward. But we will still play Halo, right?!

Carmen is leaving me for Argentina! And a mission. She'll have lots of adventures.

Noemi already left for Switzerland!

Vann is leaving me this summer to work in S. Utah....who is going to yell at people randomly and awkwardly if not him?
Here are some friends who are coming home:

And some that are staying! Woo Hoo

*Sorry this was such a random post.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I wish these things would happen when I was around


I can't believe I haven't posted anything about Carmen's mission call...where have I been??
Ok well Carmen finally got her mission call like a few weeks ago. It wasn't a big event with millions of people - just us and parents on the phone. It was good:

Woo hoo! Well I know Carmen is going to make a really good missionary. What an adventure!
Love ya Tarmen

The hardest part of being a vegetarian is remembering to be a vegetarian

My old roommate Kate Mcneil, but now Kate Blocher: (she's the one behind me eating the burger..haha)
started a vegetarian challenge in like high school. Basically you just eat vegetarian for one month and the last week is vegan. A few weeks ago I asked her - "Hey have you done it this year yet?" And she was like "No, let's do it!" So we started on Friday the 10th. We could start at midnight or 6 am it didn't matter, but I decided to start at midnight since I ate 4 hotdogs at our sports night/non-campout night. In the morning I was decided to not eat meat for 30 days! But when I went to a family get-together I mindlessly took a bite out of this roast beef sandwich. Vann was like - omg, look what you've done! Ha ha, we can "cheat" 3 times in the rules, so I wasn't too worried. But then that night I went on a date and he took me to Cafe Rio and I got a pork salad. HELLO! Gosh I seriously don't have a brain. I didn't even realize what I was doing until half-way through the salad. Then I just laughed....ha...ha. My other cheat was intentional: all you can eat sushi with my 3 best friends at Sushi House. We ate 15 rolls. And it was totally worth it. But driving home from dropping off Noemi from the airport today (I'm so sad she's gone...:( ) we went to Rancheritos and I ordered a chicken quesadilla! Geez, I'm seriously ok with being a vegetarian, it's actually really nice, but it's just really hard for me to remember! Really old habits are hard to break.
And now re-reading this I realize why I'm so fat. Huh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Good Shtuff

Jon Bovi - Bon Jovi Opposite Band - gotta love 'em:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gosh You're So Immature

Vann and I had an adventure night. He's crazy.Everybody should act like they're 9 every once in a while...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tiger Claw

We ran the half marathon.
What a challenge!!
I woke up with a really bad feeling - I did NOT want to run. But for some insane reason I got in the car with everyone else, lined up at the starting line, and started running when they shot the canon (cannon?). The beginning was good. About mile 4 I was like "I'm alive! I'm doin' good! This is easy peasy!" But about mile 7 my body did the do-do-dee-do sound that your computer makes when it shuts down. There was a girl who was a little bit ahead of me the whole time wearing a yellow jacket and I tried my best to stay with her. But then she started walking a lot and I ended up passing her. About mile 8 Rebekka and Jason caught up to me and they were my saviors. They stayed with me the entire rest of the time! Going slow and just helping me. Thanks so much you guys - that meant a lot!
I thought it would never end, but then we saw the finish line - and did the moon walk over it. I saw Carmen (she finished about 1/2 hour before us) and we hugged and I started crying...haha! It was so hard, and I got some pretty awesome blisters. But I'm glad I did it - it's one thing I can add to my list of accomplishments! Here are some pictures that I got off the website (I didn't bring my camera this time becuase I was in denial...I REALLY didn't want to run:
Here's Carmen - crazy woman ran the whole thing without stopping even for water!
Here's us at the beginning - I was feelin' good! Oh yeah - did I mention it snowed the whole time?!
Here's us - Jason is doing some weird Russian dance...haha!
Don't we look happy at mile 8?
Finally! It's over - we're doing the moon walk over the finish....!
So, what have I learned?
1. I need to train more.
2. I can do hard things.