Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Tribute to Tarmen

I love Carmen so much. I will miss her...with every fiber of my being!!! My whole body aches when I think of her being gone for a year and a half....I know in the long run it's not a long time, but from this perspective right now it seems like forever. She is my bestest best friend, ever since I became friends with Carmen life has been so fun and she really has made me a better person. Carmen also has given me confidence in myself that I never had before. She's such a strong person, but at the same time she's vulnerable and approachable. I really know that she's going to be a great missionary, and just knowing her personality - I know she will be the hardest working, most fun, and most beautiful sister out there. <3

Here's a tribute video for her...haha...makes me laugh every time. :)

Best Weekend Ever

Last weekend I flew to Colorado to see my best friend Carmen. It was so fun. She goes into the MTC on Wednesday so it was bittersweet...

Sisterly love...haha

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh Television

All good tv has gone for the summer...so I've turned to LOST. I've become obsessed, actually. Has anyone watched it?? It's totally addicting...gah!

On another note...I am seriously so sad about Jon and Kate. But their "announcement" kinda confused me, since they officially said they're separating, but at the very end the screen said that they were going to dissolve their marriage. It's so sad! That was like my favorite show.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gets Me Every Time

I love it when pumpkins do this

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ok - Kate's post has inspired me. She just wrote about how she got to take home some gorgeous flowers for free. Everyone on her way home smiled when they saw the flowers, and she loves having them in the house.
Ok I LOVE flowers. I've always said this, and most women probably do love flowers. But I like, LOVE flowers. Having fresh, beautiful, happy flowers on the table just makes me so happy. I love looking at pictures of flowers, reading about them in books, taking pictures of them, painting them even. If someone gives me flowers it's like the best day ever - becuase #1 - flowers are expensive. I mean, if I could buy bread and milk, or flowers...I'd wish I could choose flowers but I'd have to be smart and get something else.
Even sad grocery store flowers make me happy...the ones that don't smell good. My favorite is picking/stealing them from people's yards... :)
p.s I took all of these pictures! Aren't you proud?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just another blog post...

Well I don't have much to say right now...life is weird at the moment.

School is almost over! Spring term ends next week and then I'll be done for the whole summer - phew.

My new job is getting to be 100% better. Practice makes perfect - as my mother would always say. I have some good juicy stories already, if anyone wants to hear them.

I got to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was really nice - but so cold outside! Like 50 degrees...and rainy...in June?!

I get to see Tarmen soon...and James is moving back in a month. I've found that I don't really like living alone...I get scared and lonely - how pathetic!

Well lastly, I just want to say that Heavenly Father really hears my prayers. And he answers them, and I'm very grateful for that. :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peach Cobbler

Some people drink water for their headaches, I just have a milkshake. Last semester Carmen and I became obsessed with peach cob (cobbler) shakes. Sammy's has a "real pie" shake where they literally take out a glob of peach cob and blend it with some ice cream. HEAVEN! So yeah - after that one time every time we ever went they were always outta cob! So rude, you'd think they would make some more...

But Luckily the Malt Shoppe has them, not with real cobbler...but it's still good. Also - I found peach cobbler Ben n Jerry's - which was also the bomb.