Monday, March 30, 2009

Ho Hum

Today I had to whip out my mad ice-walking skills. Yep - it snowed yesterday. A lot. And now the sun is out and it's all ice.
I'm so confused, among other things, about this weather! Will it ever be warm? It seems like every time we take one step forward towards warmness, we take two steps back.
It's almost April - I can't believe it.

1. I'm grateful for the internet.
2. I'm grateful for my storage shed in the backyard.
3. I'm grateful this semester is almost over!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm listening to Lilly Allen and the guy across from me keeps staring...stop it!

Ok good he left.

I deleted my facebook. Well - I "deactivated" it. Which means I could technically just sign in again and everything would be the same. But I'm not going to reactivate it until after this semester at least. I spend too much time on there - which I now spend on my blog. I deleted it last year for a few months, it was a good detox.

Here are my 3 things for the day:

1. I'm grateful for music.
2. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father listens to our prayers, even if He doesn't answer them right away.
3. I'm grateful that the sun is out today, because it wasn't yesterday and it was freezing!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be Happy

According to Dr. Seligman - if you write down everyday 3 things that you're greatful for, in 6 months you will be happier. I accept your challenge Doctah! Here goes:

Today I am greatful (ok I have never really learned how to spell greatful/grateful correctly. I am going to go with grateful, even though that spelling makes me think of a cheese grater) for:

1. My best friend Carmen. She is so good.
2. The beautiful view of the mountains out my back window.
3. That I have a job.

I feel better already.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Blog!

It's been a little while - but I finally have something to say:

1. I went to the best concert - Missy Higgins - on Saturday. We flew out Friday to Long Beach and stayed with my grandpa's cousin Gayle. We went to the beach and then Saturday we went to the concert in LA Saturday night. (When I say "we" I mean me, my sister Taylor, and cousin Falyn.) It was such a good concert! It was definitely worth the 12 hour trip home:

2. Yeah - it was bad. I didn't get on the flight back to Salt Lake (my mom works for Jet Blue, and we fly for free, but since I'm over 21 I got kicked off and now have to use the Buddy Passes. So we fly stand-by, which is always an adventure.) Taylor got on - barely - and then I hopped on to Las Vegas about an hour later. Then the flight from Vegas to Salt Lake got delayed until 7pm - so I waited there for like 5 hours which was fine - I'd never been to the Vegas airport, it's pretty cool. But the whole time I didn't know if I was going to be able to get on since the flight was sold-out and I was a stand-by. But by a miracle I got a seat - 2A! That's a window baby. Yeah - prayer works:

3. It does. I almost started crying when the lady was like - "Brittney, come here I got a seat for you." WAA! I thought my dad would have to drive out and get me, either that or I'd rent a car and drive myself. But it all worked out - Heavenly Father was watching out for me.

4. Last night I got home at 12AM to Carmen and Rebekka on the couch doing HW. Rebekka's paper was due today, and Carmen had an assignment to finish that was also due today so I wrote it for her. I had a full draft due today, but I decided to ignore it. Turns out that Carmen's assignment isn't due until Wednesday, Rebekka's paper (that she stayed up till 3AM writing) isn't due until NEXT Monday (haha), and my draft got pushed back until Wednesday! Ha - we're true procrastinators, but this time being unorganized actually worked out for us.

My favorite song

Thursday, March 12, 2009


But I had to put this up as well. Gosh - I hope they paid the person who made this trailer extra, because I WILL be watching it now.


I saw this on the MSN homepage this morning, and in honor of my new Hills theme I had to show it.
8 Things He Secretly Loves About You // Couple watching television (© Dougal Waters/Getty Images)

For a second I thought all my dreams had come true. But there was nothing about The Hills in the article, except for a mention of Spencer Pratt. Darn.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Swear I'm Not Shallow

Ok - judge me if you want to, but 2 of my favorite shows are The Hills and The City. Yeah I know they're really retarded and dumb, but it's so fun to watch them and laugh or just get into someone else's "fake" life drama! Ha ha anyways I just watched this trailer for The Hills season 5 (which I guess will be the last season...gasp!) and I got teary! It's so good!! AH!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sexy People

This blog is fantastic.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Hecticness

Ok so Carmen and I were talking about my volunteer training and how the RN was asking me, "Isn't it hard to go to school and work and volunteer?" My reply "Yes, yes it is."
So then we started compiling a list of things that we're supposed or expected to do or WANT to do - we're trying to be the best we can ok?!
  • School - that's only one bullet point, but it's really a billion trillion things.
  • Extra Credit
  • Church Calling
  • Church Activities
  • Firesides
  • Visiting Teaching
  • Home Teaching
  • Read your scriptures daily
  • Pray a lot
  • Get to know EVERYONE in the ward
  • Count all your points
  • Run every day
  • Train for your races
  • Have a social life - go on dates (these take multiple hours!?)
  • Go to your friends mission call opening
  • Attend birthday parties
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Meet up with old friends
  • Volunteer
  • Establish your resume
  • Go on a mission
  • Talk endlessly about yours and others' relationships
  • Teach piano
  • Drive to Salt Lake 3 times a week for class
  • Go to the Temple weekly
  • Keep your room clean
  • Do your dishes
  • Eat. But make sure it's healthy
  • Actually make your food - don't microwave it or buy it. (Currently failing in this area)
  • Go to work
  • Go to work meetings
  • Pay rent
  • Pay tuition??
  • Buy cute clothes to try and impress the boy that you spent 30 hours with
  • Get an internship - but make sure it's a good one.
  • Try to organize your class schedule?!
  • Decorate your house
  • Keep it clean
  • Shower
  • Look cute
  • Put on makeup
  • Take test(s)
  • Make sure your nails are painted
  • Shave your legs (Also currently failing)
  • Pluck your eyebrows
  • Take pictures
  • Spend hours on facebook
  • Congratulate friends on engagements
  • Attend all local band shows at local venues - you must support the local arts!
  • Listen to all the "cool" new music so you can be "Cultured" and in
  • Get your oil changed
  • Serve others - roommates, classmates, strangers
  • Remember ALL due dates
  • Remember all your passwords and usernames and ID numbers
  • Keep your blog up to date
  • Call your family
  • Bring in the garbage can (Or put it out)
  • Get the newspaper
  • Write all missionaries
  • Send missionary packages
  • Talk to your grandparents
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Wake up - get out of bed!
Sometimes I feel like "Simplifying", but where do you even start?? I don't want to really want to knock anything off the list...maybe school. But I'm pretty sure there are other who have even longer lists - feel free to share them!

Look at me!

Today was my first day to train as a volunteer at the hospital. I was really nervous! I'm a runner in the CCU - critical care. It was really good though. I feel like I can do what I need to. And the best thing about it?? Free meal! Booyah.

P.S. The RN showing me around said the other volunteer got to see a code this!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ward FHE

Tonight we had ward FHE. It wasn't very organized. Pizza and dodgeball in the RB - but the best part of the whole night was when Rebekka said "I'm scared of Ian's balls!"