Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Attractive Men

If you know me, then you know that I have a lot of best friends. It's ok to have more than one best friend. Some people say that you can only have one or whatever, but that's just not realistic.

You need certain friends for certain times, and certain situations. For instance, I wouldn't take my best friend James to Costa Rica to have an adventure, and I wouldn't take my other best friend Vann to a broadway musical. I also wouldn't ask my best friend Ashlee to cut my hair - that job is specifically for best friend Mary.

I would never ask best friend Kellie for financial advice, that job is for Skye - but I would definitely take best friends Kellie or Maddie to a museum somewhere. I could go to France with anyone, but best friend Rebekka is a very good one to take, and best friends Chad and Carmen knows Spanish and can quote hot rod so they're good in multiple situations.

Roommate (and best friend) Sarah told me that I have very attractive boy best friends. I started thinking about this, and she's so right. Take a look:

Danny - we grew up together. We even have a picture of us holding hands at a birthday party when we were like 5. He looks the same, haha. Through Junior high, high school, BYU and beyond, we've been friends. Danny is a very wise man. And he is going to be somebody important someday. I love him a lot and yes, he is very attractive.
Aaron - have you ever met someone perfect? Because I have - his name is Aaron and he's amazing. He was my next door neighbor and I loved him from day one. Never have I known a more genuine, intelligent, or talented person! Aaron is the whole package, and I love being his friend. He is going to make one hot doctor.
Alexander - he is so fun. We met at EFY! He basically won every award, even the poetry award or something. He is a great gymnast and dancer. And he. is. hilarious. Also - Alex is so nice to everyone, something I definitely need to be taking lessons on. We took a class together at BYU and I couldn't sit by him because I laughed too much. He is definitely very attractive.
Jordan - we met freshman year and were instant kindred spirits. He is so attractive! How can you not love him? He is a great person and his personality is infectious, everybody wants to be Jordan's friend - life's a party with him around.
Christopher - we are new best friends. He was my ward crush! I told all my roommates. Turns out he was my home teacher and now we're basically BFF. Chris is very intelligent, and we can talk for a long time...about who knows what - he loves the stock market. He'll probably be super rich someday, and he loves Harry Potter - it's great. Super attractive man.

Chadley - (Chad) gets on my nerves sometimes...hahaha - but he is such a good friend. He always checks on me, and is willing to help me anytime. I love him - and he is very handsome. He wants to be a dad someday - what's more attractive than that?
James - bestest best friend. We met freshman year at BYU and were instant friends. I love James because we are the same - and he always always always makes me laugh. No matter what I will always have fun and be happy when I'm with James. Also - he's super cute, right?
Here's Vann - he's one attractive man. He's high adventure, and super smart. He's the best big brother I never had. He gives great advice, and he's tall and has huge arms so he can reach things - he's great to have around the house! I love Vann so much, we've been friends for a while and he's always willing to do anything to help me - he's so great. And also super good looking!
Like I said - I have infinity best friends. I love all my friends a lot. More friend posts to come soon. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I hate getting older and having to "schedule" in hangouts with best friends. Or even phone calls. Schedules overlap and there's no time to be together! Vacations must be scheduled MONTHS in advance, and it takes weeks to get together with the ones you love most. Sigh.

Currently trying to squoosh in:

This girl
and these people

Monday, July 18, 2011


I got a new job - in the Shock/Trauma ICU in Murray. It's a very exciting place to be. Only downfall is that I have to work nights again...7pm-7am.

Haha...but sometimes I forget that it's 3:37 in the morning. I like that, but then I always remember - "I'm so tired!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Some people have the stupidest facebook statuses. I can't take it anymore.